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NEW Hydrating Milky Collection

NEW Hydrating Milky Collection

I am SO excited to introduce our Hydrating Milky Collection! Let’s take a look at all of these NEW soothing, hydrating must haves! 😉


Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover

Formulated to effectively remove even waterproof makeup, Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover also comforts & re-hydrates.

This go-to treat is enriched with…

    • Coconut to nourish

    • Probiotics to balance

    • Oat Extract to soothe

How to Use

Shake to mix. To dispense, press a cotton pad onto the pump. Now, gently press onto eyes, lips or/and face to gently remove all traces of makeup.


Hydrating Milky Cleanser

You lovelies have been asking for a cleanser as gentle and soothing as our Hydrating Milky Serum. Now, I can finally share with you our Hydrating Milky Cleanser! This creamy moisturizing formula cleanses as it soothes complexion.

Enriched with...

    • Jojoba to nourish

    • Coconut to condition

    • Probiotics to balance

How to Use

Apply a coin-sized amount, massage onto skin & rinse off.


Hydrating Milky Peel

Our most gentle way to exfoliate.

Nourishing. Moisture-rich. Ultra Soothing.

That’s our new Hydrating Milky Peel!

This micro-peeling cream exfoliates using natural cellulose, helping to minimize pores & condition the skin, as a result.

This gentle exfoliating cream contains...

    • Cellulose to gently exfoliate

    • Coconut to comfort

    • Willow Bark Extract to refine pores

How to Use

Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, gently massage into skin and rinse off.


Milky Tonic

We’ve also added a new favourite to our toning necessities! Say hello to our Milky Tonic! This soothing toner helps to hydrate & relax the skin, giving you lovelies a balanced, comforted complexion.

This toning must-have is enriched with...

    • Jojoba Milk to deeply nourish

    • Green Tea to protect

    • Oat Extract to soothe

How to Use

Use daily after cleansing. Saturate a cotton pad & sweep across the face, down the neck & onto the décolletage. Follow with one of our Pixi serums or moisturizers--no need to rinse!


Hydrating Milky Lotion

Deeply moisturizing & conditioning, Hydrating Milky Lotion is our newest multi-use must-have! Use this on the face AND body for instant-hydration & long-lasting nourishment.

This Skintreats essential was formulated with…

    • Shea Butter to moisturize

    • Coconut to nourish

    • Cocoa Seed Extract to protect

How to Use

Use daily as needed. Smooth onto face, hands & body.

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