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Mist with Us!

Mist with Us!

Mist with Us!

Multi-Misting with Pixi Beauty
Multi-Misting Mood

Skincare Mists are a great way to rehydrate skin throughout the day. Mists can be used to lock in moisture during your skincare routine or used on top of your makeup to instantly fix or refresh. Each Mist is infused with a unique blend of skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, citrus extracts, flower oils, green tea, chamomile and much more.

My Mists are all different but they are all formulated to hydrate, treat and seal in moisture. Let’s look more in-depth at what each Pixi Mist does:

Glow MistThis is a dual phase oil-water mist that you gently shake to mix and then use to nourish & add moisture and it leaves a dewy finish.

Perfect to finish off your makeup and give it a glow boost or to seal in skincare for added moisture!

Hydrating Milky Mist: This is a super-hydrating mist-on moisturiser that is loved because of its soothing and calming effect. Excellent under or on top of makeup. A makeup artist’s favourite for sure.

Perfect if you need a soothing hydration boost!

Rose Glow Mist: 7 pure flower oils are the nutrient-rich base of this unique free radical protection dewy finish, moisture-mist.

Dual phase means maximum moisture & hydration, mix gently and mist on top of your skincare and breathe in the natural rose scent!

Perfect if you want a nourishing moisture boost and a dewy finish!

Vitamin Wakeup Mist: If you love Orange Blossom and Vitamin C, this is the pick-me-up mist for you. Packed full of vitamins for a quick awakening and revitalising boost.

Perfect if you are looking for an energising boost and a vitamin complexion-kick!

Makeup Fixing Mist: Formulated with rose water & green tea, this mist fixes makeup while adding hydration, antioxidant protection, and balances oily skin.

Perfect for the makeup wearer who needs everything to stay in place all day!

Dream-y MistDream-y Mist: This is our new overnight mist! Packed full of natural aromas of Jasmine and Lavender flowers, humectants to trap moisture to skin & antioxidants for maximum restorative benefits.

Perfect to use as part of your skincare routine or mist on your pillow for a calming effect!

Here’s how to use Pixi Mists:
Gently shake Mist, close eyes, and mist face, take a deep breath and ENJOY!

One of my favourite mists is the Glow Mist.
I love the nourishment and instant moisture, and I use it pretty much every day on my face and in my hair. I also love to mix with Beauty Balm or Pat Away Concealing Base if I want to achieve a sheerer coverage. 

In the summer, a really nice refresher is to mist chilled Vitamin Wakeup Mist all over face for an instant cooling & depuffing effect.

Here at Pixi we love Misting – let us know what is your favourite Pixi Mist and why!

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