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Petra, Personally

NEW 5 Simple Steps to Your Ultimate Glow

NEW 5 Simple Steps to Your Ultimate Glow

My Pixi dreams began in London and one of my first product creations was Glow Tonic. My goal was to create a miracle-working tonic (much more than a toner) that prepped skin so well that minimum makeup would be needed AND that was suitable for... Read More

NEW Skintreats

Our freshest Skintreats are FINALLY here!! (But totally worth the wait! ) I am proud to present our new Retinol Tonic, Rose Glow Mist & Rose Ceramide Cream! Each of these have been worked on for a long time and finally, they are perfect! I... Read More

NEW LashLift 188 Double Brush Mascara

I am thrilled to introduce our newest mascara: LashLift 188 Double Brush Mascara! This first of its kind mascara (more on that later), is a must-have for your lashes! From the innovative 2-in-1 wands to the smudge-proof formula, I can’t wait for you to try... Read More

NEW PixiGlow Cake

Now, it’s time to indulge in some cake...PixiGlow Cake, that is! I am so proud to introduce our new 3-in-1 glow, blush & bronzer in one! I only have a few minutes to add a little glow & blush before heading out the door in... Read More

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Dulce's Mini Masterclass

Last month, we had an amazing day with Dulce Candy and a few special lovelies at our Pixi Boutique! Dulce spent quality time with each of our V.I.P’s (Very Important Pixi’s), talking about everything from life, to relationships & their favourite Dulce videos!   Dulce... Read More

Jasmine Oil Blend vs. Rose Oil Blend

When I first began formulating our newest facial oil, Jasmine Oil Blend, I had a few things in mind. First, I knew I wanted to create an oil that was revitalising to the skin, but completely weightless too. The other reasons I love this favourite?... Read More

Dehydrated Skin

As we transition from spring to summer and the temperatures begin to rise (in most parts of the world), your skin goes through a change of its own. Tuning into how your skin is behaving can solve some issues, as you may have to change... Read More

Glow Tonic vs. Rose Tonic

Lately, I’ve received so many questions asking about two of my everyday Skintreats essentials: Glow Tonic and Rose Tonic! I’m so excited to share all my favourite benefits of these two must-haves, and how you can incorporate both (yes, in the same day! ) into... Read More

Petra’s Favourite Pro Tips

My Favourite Pro Tips I love sharing the pro tips I have learned over the years with you all (makeup artistry is such a big passion of mine, as you know). Today, I will be sharing some of my go-to tips that I hope will... Read More