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Romantic Date Night Look with Chloe Morello

Romantic Date Night Look with Chloe Morello

Romantic Date Night Look with Chloe Morello

Pixi + Chloe Morello’s Palette Chloette & Lip Icing are Pixi perfect for a date night look! Watch to learn how to add a touch of romantic radiance to your makeup!


Favourites Used From Pixi + Chloe Morello’s Palette Chloette

-“Honeymoon” (Apply all over lids to highlight the eyes)

-“Swoon” (Add warmth to the creases of the eyes with this colour)

-“Veil” (Highlight inner corners & brow-bone areas to instantly brighten your eyes)

-“Unity” + “Knot” (Blend these two shades together to fill in the brows)

-“Tux” (Use as an eye liner!)

-“Knot” (Add subtle dimension by lightly applying down the sides of the nose)

-“Promise” + “Bouquet” + “Romance” (Blend together to create Chloe’s custom cheek colour!)

-“Fairytale” (Add a radiant glow to the high-points of the cheeks)

-“Passion” (Place on the center of the cheeks for a beautiful touch of romantic sheen)


Pixi + Chloe Morello’s Lip Icing in “Cake”


Chloe’s Other Pixi Beauty Must-Haves:

-Makeup Fixing Mist (Spray directly onto your liner brush to intensify eyeshadow colour & transform into an eye liner!)

-Undercover Crayon in “No. 1 Cream” (To help perfect eye liner, effortlessly)

-Mattelustre Lipstick in “Bitten Rose” (Apply to the lips for a beautiful colour & then complement to Pixi perfection by topping with Lip Icing for added glimmer!)


Brushes Used to Achieve This Look:

-Precision Brush

-Crease Brush

-Cat Liner Brush

-Lip Brush

-Cheek Brush

Petra closely collaborated with Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy & Weylie Hoang to make their dream makeup must-haves become a reality. These fuss-free, multi-use essentials are Pixi perfection for every type of lovely that there is!

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