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New Year Makeup Detox!

New Year Makeup Detox!


Happy 2015!!! I hope the start of this year has been amazing for you so far, and I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings :) 

I love the holiday season, but I also breathe a sigh of relief when things go back to normal. I am in need of a major post-holiday detox…see my must-haves below: 



Find Pixi Glow Tonic at:

Find Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Comfort Clear at:

Find Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre at:

Find Emergen-C at:

Find Visine at:

BRING BACK ENERGY – First off, get your body back into fighting shape! My family always has these little vitamin packets around. They’re key to making sure your immune system is protected after the months of cold weather, lack of sleep, and kisses under the mistletoe 😉 

REFRESH EYES – The eyes are the first thing to show any signs of fatigue, so use some eye drops to bring them back to life! So refreshing & hydrating. 

GIVE COMPLEXION A BOOST – This time of year, skin needs all the help it can get! Use this skin-firming toner after cleansing to exfoliate and encourage cell turnover. Complexion looks brighter and clearer with a few uses – I (along with tons of bloggers) can’t live without it! :) 

Read more about Glow Tonic in our previous post

HYDRATE SKIN – Now that skin is prepped and fresh, keep it nice & hydrated with a nutrient-rich but lightweight moisturizer. I love this one since it creates an ideal canvas for makeup application. 

REVIVE LIPS – The perfect non-oily clear balm that’s great as an everyday soother, but I LOVE to use it as a super-hydrating overnight treatment, especially in the winter. BONUS: It’s also great to use on dry cuticles and tames unruly eyebrows! 

One of my favourite things to do at the start of new year is to detox my makeup bag. It helps to really streamline what you need on a daily basis and makes getting ready SO much faster! 

The best place to start is to get rid of any old products…



Find all of the above at:

Use the above as a general guideline for when you should replace products that may have passed their peak – although if you have a lipstick that’s got a strange smell, or an eyeliner that has dried out, it’s time to get a new one! 

The best part about doing a makeup bag deep-clean?...Buying new goodies as replacements! :) Try a shade that you’d never usually go for – after all, it is a new year and time to update your look!

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