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#PixiOnTheGlow London Trip Recap

#PixiOnTheGlow London Trip Recap


London, London, London!

I moved to London at 18 from Sweden and started Pixi by opening my Boutique in my favourite part of town.

The beginning of Pixi probably started when I was 10 years old and was forcing ALL family members to let me put makeup on them (Yes! That’s another blog!). Quite soon it was pretty obvious that my career was going to include being a makeup artist. This is when my sisters & I came up with the idea of the perfect skin prep, the now iconic Glow Tonic!

London is where the first Pixi Boutique opened & where my first Pixi memories were made. Last month, we invited some of our favourite lovelies on a trip to visit Pixi’s hometown.

PixiGlow, for me, was always about being the best that you can be, (looks, kindness, generosity). So, we decided to take it back to the birth place of Pixi with ChloeMorello, JMaybelline_, MakeupByDenise, MaryamNYC, SophiaChang & Weylie! These girls really amaze me! Such beauties inside & out!

Day 1 of #PixiOnTheGlow began at our Pixi Boutique in SoHo London. We enjoyed trying out the favourites I have created and of course, testing out our Chloe Morello & Weylie Collaborations!

Day 2 was Pixi-packed full of exciting treats! The day began with a private tour of Liberty London, my all time favourite department store (also where I first worked when I got to London!) . Here, you can find our award-winning Glow Tonic, our brand new Retinol Tonic & my collaboration with my dear Caroline Hirons, Double Cleanse!

It was JMaybelline & Weylie’s first trip to London, so what better way to introduce them to the city than with a Traditional Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s! At our tea soiree, we were offered a selection of over 24 of the finest teas in the world, paired with delicious sandwiches, patisserie and warm scones.

As the sun went down, I invited some of my British friends to join us for dinner at the renowned restaurant, The Ivy. We took over the private room and had some great Pixitinis & food as we chatted about beauty all night long!


I never say goodbye, so I will see you all soon, as Pixi is always #ontheglow! 😉

I really want to see which Pixi favourites you bring with you on-the-go! Post a photo on IG and use the #PixiOnTheGlow for your chance to be featured. I can’t wait to see what you post!!!

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