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Meet Our Newest Bestie… Hello Kitty!

Meet Our Newest Bestie… Hello Kitty!

Meet Our Newest Bestie… Hello Kitty!
I am so excited to share with you my newest collaboration with someone special that I’ve adored for a long time, Hello Kitty!

I have such wonderfully nostalgic memories of Hello Kitty from my childhood. She is kind, sweet, cute, caring, and most importantly, she’s about spreading friendship and kindness, which is something that truly resonated with me. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with her came up, I knew it would be the perfect match!

There are so many things about Hello Kitty that align with Pixi. Both are timeless and are loved by people of all ages. And did you know both were born in London, too? It’s a collaboration that felt so authentic and was just meant to be!

The Pixi + Hello Kitty Collection includes a few familiar and iconic Pixi favourites plus some new treats that have some of her much-adored and skin-loving ingredients, like apples, to leave the complexion with our signature healthy Pixi Glow!

Today I wanted to share a bit more about the colour products in the collection which feature some all-time favourite shades.

The Chrome Glow Palette is a curated multi-use palette with 9 shades that blend like a dream and impart a lovely lustre on your skin. The buttery, creamy powder formula is infused with Apple Seed Oil (apples are Hello Kitty’s favourite!) to give skin a boost of antioxidants and the veils of colour give a gorgeous lit-from-within glow!

I love using this on lids, the inner corners of the eyes, cheeks, lips… basically anywhere you want to add a hint of colour and highlight!

Add a bit of glow and a sheer soft touch of colour with Hello Glow-y Powders for the perfect candlelit effect on skin. The formula is creamy, easy to blend and is infused with Apple Seed Oil plus Vitamin E and Ceramide NP for extra nourishing, skin-loving benefits.

The powder comes in two shades: Sweet Glow which is a soft duochrome light pink and Friendly Blush which is a warm, peachy-pink fresh hue. Use them individually or try pairing them together using Friendly Blush on the apples of cheeks and adding Sweet Glow to the high points of the face.

Energise the eyes with Eye Effects! This compact palette contains a beautiful blend of 9 lush pigments that can be used individually or together for multi-dimensional definition. The triple milled powders blend seamlessly and are infused with nourishing Vitamin E, Ceramides and Green Tea.

Looking to accentuate a smoky eye or intensify pigment? Try spritzing a little Makeup Fixing Mist onto your eyeshadow brush before dipping into the colour of your choice!

A smoky gray, mysterious, overcast London sky is the hue that inspired the new LondonFog shade for our Endless Silky Eye Pen. It’s the perfect colour from the birthplace of both Pixi and Hello Kitty!

This deep charcoal shade is a beautiful and softer alternative to the classic black liner, and the easy-to-apply buttery formula blends and glides seamlessly onto skin. Create the most pigmented line or smudge it out for a diffused effect. Once it sets, you get a water-resistant, no smudge, no budge colour!

Top tip: Pop your Endless Silky Eye Pen in the fridge for 20 minutes before sharpening for a precision point!

I absolutely love the innovation for Lip Tone! It is such a nourishing and sumptuous texture with the added benefit of the pH adaptive pigment. Lips are left feeling smooth and conditioned from moisture-rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Tangerine Peel Oil. The transformative formula goes on clear and adjusts to a pretty hue that’s unique to you… an enhanced version of your own lip colour!

I can’t wait to see the playful and pretty looks you create using these charming new treats! Be sure to share them with and tag us on Instagram!

To learn more about and purchase our limited-edition Pixi + Hello Kitty Collection, visit or

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