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Lip Liner Love!

Lip Liner Love!



I'm so excited for our new Lip Contour Liners! Defining your lips has such a powerful youth-enhancing effect, and with these liners, your lips are shaped while being treated to skin-loving ingredients!


The waterproof, non-transfer formula is infused with aloe vera to soothe, sodium hyaluronate to plump, and peptides to smooth fine lines. Plus, it's twist-up, so there's no sharpening needed!





These liners can be worn alone, or paired with your favourite lip colours - my go-to combinations are:

Soft Nude Lip Contour Liner + Honey Bare Mattelustre Lipstick

Natural Rose Lip Contour Liner + Rose Naturelle Mattelustre Lipstick

Bare Buff Lip Contour Liner + Peach Blossom Mattelustre Lipstick

Invisible Smudge-Stopper Lip Contour Liner + Classic Red Mattelustre Lipstick



The super-flattering hues are designed to enhance the natural tone of your lips!






The best way to line lips is in sections - don't try to do it all in one sweep.





1. Define the cupid's bow with an "x" shaped mark.

2. Define the lower lip with a line following the bottom contour.

3. Connect the outer corners of lips with the lines you've drawn, working from the outside in.

4. Fill in lips with liner to get a uniform colour and prolong the wear of anything you put on top!

TOP TIP: Apply lip liner using a soft "sketching" motion, rather than a harsh solid line.



Wondering how to use the Invisible Smudge-Stopper shade? Read below!






This unique shade is meant to be applied just outside the lip line in order to keep lip colour from feathering. It forms a line-filling, ultra smooth barrier so that lip stick or gloss stays in place - try it with your favourite bold colours!


Now go line & define!


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