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Fuss-Free Brows

Fuss-Free Brows

Beautiful brows begin with the right tools! 

Here at Pixi, we have created some easy-to use products to really simplify brow-perfection. 

We all love a fuss-free brow application. With Natural Brow Duo, you can complete your brows with ease. One end of this multi-purpose favourite houses an angled, waterproof brow pencil while the other end contains a tinted soft-hold gel for holding unruly brows in place. My tip? If you fancy a natural look, use short, sweeping-like strokes to fill in sparse brow-areas. Or, if you desire darker brows, brush in a zig-zag motion to reveal more colour. 


Get brows that easily glide on…not slide off your face! Endless Brow Gel Pen does it all, from thickening sparse areas to defining, all while taming unruly brows at the same time. This waterproof, hybrid-formula combines the benefits of a gel and a pen into one, making your brow routine effortless. 

Beautify brows with Brow Tamer! This is the perfect finishing touch to any brow look as it defines and shapes in a single sweep. In addition, the formula contains aloe vera and panthenol to condition and sooth brow hair, creating a natural and soft effect to your set brows! 

Brow Powder Palette

Brow Powder Palette 

With Brow Powder Palette, you can customize the perfect brow shade to match your hair colour! Mix the creamy powders together to achieve your unique shade. For our brunette lovelies, match your hair colour with the brown tones in the palette. Or if you have blonde brows, select a powder 1-2 shades deeper than your hair colour. For a high-brow arch, highlight the brow bone with the lightest shade in the palette! 

Share your fuss-free brow tips below. For more of my pro trips and tricks, follow us on Instagram @PixiBeauty!

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