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Best Brow Solutions!

Best Brow Solutions!

With the vast number of brow products out there, it can be confusing to know what to use…so let me simplify it for you! :) 

Are your brow skills beginner, intermediate, or advanced? This will help determine which product is best! 


Endless Brow Gel Pen


Endless Brow Gel Pen is great for brow minimalists! 
  • Fast & foolproof
  • Sheer tint colours & tame
  • Soft, natural-looking result

TOP TIP: If you want very subtle definition, shade in just the arch of brows and comb through with a spoolie.   


Natural Brow Duo


Natural Brow Duo is perfect for everyday brow users! 

  • 2-in-1 pen & gel
  • Triangular pen for precision
  • Soft hold grooming gel  

TOP TIP: Use the pen first to shade & shape, then seal with the grooming gel. 


Brow Powder Palette


Brow Powder Palette is amazing for brow experts!

  • Customize to match hair
  • Fill in patchy areas
  • Mix with fixing mist for extra intensity

TOP TIP: Add the look of volume by using a shade just darker than your usual brow colour in any sparse areas. 

Wondering which shade to use? Use your hair colour as a guide: 

Find your brow shade!


Last but not least, shape brows to perfection:

Draw an imaginary line straight up from the side of nose – that’s the best start of your brow.

Draw an imaginary line from the side of nose to the outside of pupil and continue to brow – that’s where your arch should be.

Draw an imaginary line from the side of nose to outer corner of line and continue to brow – that’s the ideal end of your brow.

How to brow!

However you fill in your brows, make sure to accent them with a fast flaw fixer – my favourite is Crayon Combo in Wide Awake. This gives an instant lift to the eye area when applied under the brow from just before arch to the outer end. 

There you have it – Pixi perfect brow solutions!

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